Animals Are
God's Precious Gift To Us

Did you say you wanna borrow my blue shirt again?
Yes sir Buwana.  My @&$#% are freezing!


 Hey girl, can you keep a secret?
Did you know Brad Pitt is .........?


Doggie ~ please help!
I promise not to hide your rubber ducky again!

Don't worry, Kitty,  I got you!
Now, gimme back my yellow rubber ducky!


You thirsty too Lady?
Take a number!


Hey Honey Bunch!
Look what I bought from Nordstrom!
A white mink coat w/ black pearls & matching boots!
You like?


Where are we going, pray tell?
What's on top?
Just shut up and follow the leader!

Say aaaaaah!


Look Ma, one foot!

Say, Kitty, are you thinking what I'm thinking?


Danger Zone!
Enter At Your Own Risk.

Look Ma, I'm turning  into Snow White!


Hello World!
Ready for a designer Puppy Carrier?

Holy smokes!  Did you see that? Wow!


Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
 Your window-cleaner, Sir!

Stand back!
Bear-generated "windstorm" coming up!


Don't worry Mommy.
It's not your fault I turned into a pink piggy.

Let's fly with the Blue Angels!

Not to worry Pal,
You're in good hands.


Hi there!
My name is Snow White.
And I live in a snow ball.


For a sack of peanuts
You can have your volley ball back.


Dear God,
Give us this day, our daily bread
And forgive us if we over-eat!


~Contributed by Demetrius Phillips~
One Of God's Gifts To Mankind

Arranged with love by

Lulu Robertson, Webpage Designer

Background Music:
  "Soft Breeze"