Giving You Your Flowers
While You Can Still Smell Them...

How very true this is...

Tell your friends and family
how much you love them now.
It does no good when
they are gone.

I would rather have
 one rose
and a kind word from a friend
while I'm here
than a whole truck load
when I'm gone.

These are for you !!!!!!!!!

How Nice Is This..................


Share this web with your
loved ones
 and remember to
"stop and smell the flowers".

keeps You Sweet,
keep You Strong,
keep You Human,
keeps You Humble,
keeps You Glowing,
But Only God
keeps You Going!

Most people
walk in and out of your life......
but true FRIENDS
leave footprints in your

Contributed by Randy Randall & Yung Chang

Arranged with love by
Lulu Robertson, Web Page Designer

Background Song:
"Grow Old Along With Me"
By Mary Chapin Carpenter

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