One night a man had a dream. 
He dreamed he was walking along a beach
 with the Lord.   Across the sky flashed 
scenes from his life. 

For each scene, he noticed 
two sets of footprints in the sand; 
one belonging to him, 
and the other to the 

When the last scene of his life
 flashed before him,  he looked back 
at the footprints in the sand. 
He noticed that many times 
along the path of his life there was only 
one set of footprints. 
He also noticed that 
it happened at the 
very lowest  and saddest times 
in his life.

This really bothered him 
so he turned to the Lord and said, 
"There is something I don't understand. 
Why is it that down the hills 
and over the smooth and  easy places 
you have walked by my side.
But over the tough and difficult places
 I have walked alone, 
for I see in those areas there is just 
one set of footprints?"

The Lord turned to the man and said, 
"My precious child. 
I love you and I never left you. 

It is that while your life was easy 
I walked along your side. 
But here, where the walking was hard 
and the paths were difficult, it was then that 
I carried you." 

~ Author Unknown ~ 

~Graphics by Penny Parker~

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