Tribute To Friendship


From A Friend

My dear and much beloved friend
My best regards to you I send,
And from a heart sincere and true
All happiness I'm wishing you.

May you be free from all distress
And meet with real and true success,
May no misfortune come to you,
May all your friends prove kind and true.

But should your earthly friends depart
Remember still there is one heart
That beats for you with tender love;
'Tis your eternal friend above.

May God from whom all blessings flow,
His benefits on you bestow
And save and keep you, day by day,
In His own good and pleasant way.

Let us in God put all our trust,
And seek His blessed Kingdom first,
To Him be true, and we shall meet
Some day upon the golden street.


An Essay About Friendship

I want you to know I am really
happy to have the kind of friendship I have with you. 

I love it because it's true
and real and trusting, because it does my heart and soul good to know that I'm
going to be here for you
and you for me.

When there are need that need to be
tended to, when there are feelings
that need to be felt,

and when there
are smiles that simply need to be
shared in the company of someone
who really cares...

I don't know if I could ever completely describe to you how important
our friendship is to me.
But it is so much a part of all
that is good in my world.

Sometimes you feel like a gift
that was given to my days to
make sure that they would always
have some happiness in them.

More than once, I have felt that
I wouldn't trade for anything
anytime, anywhere.

I have dreams in my life that
may never come true,

Travels I may never take,
Goals I may not be able to reach, and
Hopes that might always be just
beyond my horizons.

But I want you to know that whether
my wishes come true or whether
they disappear altogether,

I will always feel like one of  the luckiest people in the world
Because I have a friend - in you.

And because we're going to
Be friends - forever.

~author unknown

Background music:
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You