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Hubby Richard finally quit the rat race 
in 2004! Yehey! 

For 20 years he worked in downtown SF at 
IPC Information Systems, the leading Turret 
Maker in the whole wide world (I was told).  
He retired too young from the US Navy 
after playing hide and seek in 
nuclear submarines home-based in 
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
   So he decided to join the corporate world.  

Me?  After leaving a large engineering/construction company, I stayed home and played with my 
computers for a couple of years.  

Did volunteer work at Laguna Honda Hospital 
until my lady patients started moving on to 
the next realm - one by one! 
So I went back working again for over 5 years 
in a large pharmaceutical company in downtown SF 
where I commuted and had  lunch with Richard everyday!
Anyway, for a few months, did volunteer work again.
Mostly tutoring (at no cost) young-at-heart seniors 
who are interested in learning how to do emails 
and surf the awesome world wide web. 
Then, started missing the office environment again!
So, in year 2005 I went back working again.
And oh. I just retired  - Yay!


Our hobbies include square dancing.  
That is, if Richard can drag me away from my computers!
 We do round and line dancing as well.  
We've square danced as far away as Manila, Philippines 
and Tokyo, Japan.  For more information about some of the square dance clubs we dance to, point your mouse HERE.

Around the late 90's, I took a course in Web Designing and started building webpages for small clubs 
and private individuals.  
I'm still using Microsoft FrontPage to build most of my websites. Now slowly switching to Expression Web & Dreamweaver.


For any comment, please feel free to email me <<HERE>>.    
If it's about the spelling of the animated zodiac sign "Ares" above, 
let's throw rocks at the Xoom authors who forgot to do a spell check 
before releasing their CD of animated objects! 
But you know what the bible says about those 
who want to cast the first stone!

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