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It's my greatest pleasure to create
a special web space for our amazing Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Brent. 
Someday I'll tell you how our first meeting at his office went! 
Okay, Dr. Brent, stop blushing 
because you'll never ever 
make me forget that day 
for the rest of my life!!


Friends, I bet you won't believe it
if I tell you that Dr. Brent is really Superman disguised as a Chiropractor!!  

Seriously, anybody who can carry me 
down those steep stairs 
like I only weighed ten pounds 
should be called at least that, yes?

So, if you're looking for a
dependable, skillful and caring Chiropractor, do try
Dr. Richard Brent.  
He is a natural!

His number is (415) 826-1000. 
Most medical insurance coverage nowadays cover chiropractic care.  
Ours does, so perhaps yours too.

That's Patty, Dr. Brent's
trusted Office Manager.  
A warm, caring and friendly
member of the staff.  
She and her hubby have
a beautiful girl!


Note: we're doing this special advertising at no cost for the
sole purpose of helping friends who may be suffering needlessly  
from back pains.  Chiropractic care could possibly help 
rid of chronic pains forever.
Hey, Richard and I are living proof!

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