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We're proud to add to our personal website
a write up of the gentlest dentist 
that ever walked into our lives - 
Dr. Kenneth Wee! 

Before I "discovered" him , I was extremely terrified of dentists!   However, due to an emergency, I frantically grabbed the nearest 
Pacific Bell phone book to locate a dentist in a hurry.  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise! 

Todate, Dr. Wee managed to eliminate 100% of my fears created by his predecessors!  Somehow, his amazing light-as-a-feather touch and cheerful personality can make me forget I'm sitting on a dental chair!  So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Dr. Ken Wee!>>

Then go ahead, make that appointment 
and call one of the nice and friendly staff 
at the Stonestown Dental Clinic.  
Just dial (415) 665-3080 
and you'll be cheerfully greeted by 
Madeline, a wonderful friendly lady!

To learn more about his Smile-Maker Team,



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