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Here are some of my favorite sites on the World Wide Web.  
Check them out yourself and I'm quite sure you'll find a few handy sites 
you can use including free create-your-own musical greeting cards.  
I bet your loved ones would love to get a musical email today!

Blue Mountain

My favorite!  Offers an awesome wide selection 
of musical greetings that you can personalize 
and send to loved ones 
who have internet service providers.  
Several sites have tried to mimic them but so far, 
they can't hold their candles next to Blue Mountain's.  
Please try to drop a short note of thanks 
after you use it for the first time. 
Their hardworking talented staff will appreciate it very much.



This is the website of a well-known Spiritual Medium, 
James Van Praagh.


He appears regularly at CNN's Larry King show.  
If you are into stuff like reincarnation, life after death, 
and things of that sort, go visit his site.  
I find his ideas very intriguing.  
Somehow, it helps lessen my fear of death. 
Whoa, not your cup of tea?  Well, it's okay.
You can skip this one for now.  
But hey, doesn't hurt to investigate!
Just keep an open mind, won't you?  

Sylvia Brown
Here's a world-renowned famous Pyschic and Spiritual Teacher.
Again, just keep an open mind and check out
her interesting books and website.
Sadly she went back to our permanent, painless world...

Zip Code Finder

Not sure if you got the correct zip code for that important letter 
you're mailing to your loved one today?  
Well, here's a handy website for you, 
courtesy of the good old guys at the U.S. Postal Service.  
Yes, they're on the web, too!

Point your mouse to "zip code" and a "hand icon" appears.  
After you click once, you will be beamed over to the next page. 
Click on the first choice that says "Zip Code+4 Look Up"   
Type in the street address, city and state. 
Then click once on the bar marked "Process Address".   

This site also tells you which county your letter is going to.

This page web address is:

If you experience any difficulty in getting into any of the above sites, 
please report it by dropping me a note
here. Thanks.

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