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Music Playing:
"Blue Danube"

That's me and my hubby Richard
 in a Square Dance attire.

"Allemande your Corner, Yellow Rock your Partner, 
California twirl, Grand Square, Teacup chain, swing, 
and promenade her home!"


Rumor has it that Square Dancers
are better Lovers!  For real!



Our daughter Carla & her wonderful hubby, Rick Crawford.  They live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Click here for information.
Tadaa! Here comes Edward, 
our red-spectacled talking
Amazon pet parrot!
He truly believes he's a person. 
Spoiled rotten to the max! 
We got him when he was a 5-day-old
 "newly born" and hardly had any feathers.  

Richard has been feeding him since day
one so this amazing parrot bonds with him
He truly believes with all his tiny heart that
Richard is his Mom ~ lucky him

Richard practically took him under his wings
(no pun intended) and has been spoiling him
everyday for over 29 years now. 
Edward's life span is 75 years
so he'll surely outlive us.  
He loves to talk and sing and thinks
life is all fun and games!  

Oh, Edward said to make sure we mention his favorite Vet,
Dr. Lynn Dustin and her assistants, Jane, Cindy & Susie.  
They take very good care of him whenever we go on long trips.  
We better get their pictures here soon 
or Edward won't leave us in peace.  He admits having a bad crush on
Dr. Dustin, his beautiful and very affectionate Vet!


You're looking at Wampum 
the feisty wabbit!
Wampie, a term of endearment
was coined after he took over our household with his unconditional love.
He was a welcome new addition to the 
Robertson clan.  

Sadly, he never intended to hang around longer than we wanted him to.  But he adopted us and moved in while we
were in Connecticut in August of 1999.
A real ham, he loved to perform
new tricks everyday. 
He would get a real big kick
watching us double up laughing 
at his funny performances
He crossed over in March 2000 
while we were vacationing in Asia... 

Wampum is an Indian word that means "privileged".


~Click here to view Wamp's Memorial Website~

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